When Emma and Dan first met in London, there was a conversation about aspirations for the future: Emma saying how much she would love to return to her flowers and Dan saying how much he would love to run an organic farm.  Little did Emma and Dan know that only 2 years later what they thought was just a dream became a reality. After first seeing Westcott Farm in January 2015 it wasn't long before Emma left the world of TV advertising, and Dan the world of automotives to head to the South West to make Westcott Farm their new home in June 2015.

Combining her floristry experience and training in set design and Landscape architecture, her Brompton Buds floral studio has found its perfect headquarters in the 18th Century barn.

Emma is from a family of florists and has been immersed in flowers from an early age.  Over many years the family have built up a huge portfolio of weddings and special events, and hold contracts for hotels and restaurants throughout Cheshire and the surrounding areas.

Over the last 25 years many prestigious hotels have been decorated for Christmas by ‘Matthew’s Decorations,’ part of the family business.  Emma is still part of that today.  This has given her the ability to visually conceive her ideas to a strict client brief and budget for demanding hotelier groups.

Emma has kept her hand in flowers throughout her education and career journey. At the same time she studied a BA in Theatre Design which led to a career in Television working in Art departments for over 6 years on a number of programmes for the BBC and Channel 4 namely Hollyoaks, Grange Hill and Moving on.  In 2008 she studied a Masters in Landscape Architecture at the acclaimed Edinburgh school of Art which led her to London to work with Landscape Architects responsible for the Olympic parks and gardens.